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Joe Volansky



  • BS, US Naval Academy
  • MBA (Finance), Pennsylvania State University
  • MS, Army War College
  • Applied Science & Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Military Science, Air Command & Staff College

        A native of Pennsylvania, Joe has spent a career in management and finance.  From manufacturing to tech in private equity and small business as a CEO and Board Member, he has also spent time in the halls of Fortune 50 finance, with middle market experience in-between.  With global experience from the Pacific on the high seas to the ground in the Middle East and Asia, he is also a US Navy Reservist.

Joe Tiesi


Mergers and Acquisitions

  • BS, St Francis University
  • CPA, New York State

        A former C-suite Vice President, Corporate Controller, and Board Member for a Fortune 100 conglomerate, Joe has deep experience leading one of the country’s largest finance teams and some of their largest M&A activity.  Starting out his career in accounting as a Big 4 auditor, he is a current licensed CPA.  When he’s not assisting entrepreneurs and middle-market firms, he spends his time communicating as a published and accomplished author of several books. 

Alex James


Operational Excellence Consulting

  • BS, US Military Academy
  • MS (Industrial Engineering), Pennsylvania State University

        A third native of Pennsylvania, Alex’s experience spans corporate finance, financial services & operational consulting after having served in the US Army Infantry.   Having served as a small business CFO, he is also an expert operations analyst and manager.  He has worked at a Fortune 1 organization, and has consulted for some of the world’s largest corporations as a Lean and Six Sigma Master Blackbelt practitioner and educator.  

Our Name

        When nautical twilight begins as the Sun reaches TWELVE  degrees from rising, a Sailor can just begin to see the horizon.  With gritty passion, clear purpose, and unwavering principle we guide others in finding the DAWN to their new day.

        We chart a course forward in growth for some.  For others it is into port, settling the payments due for their toil.  Some seek to set sail, chasing the American entrepreneurial dream.  Each is a critical yeoman – with risk can come reward, and so shall follow greater prosperity for all in the creation of value for the marketplace, and work for the laborer.

We brew a pot.  We start early in the morning.

Experienced Leadership Focused On Service To You & Your Business

       We’re experienced industry leaders networked with other industry experts across the country bringing you access to the learnings of 1,000s of businesses sold and thousands of qualified buyers.  As mid-market experienced M&A professionals we seek to get you to your goal – an exit. 

  • Unsure about timing?  Sooner is better. 
  • Unsure about process?  Talk to us. 
  • Just want to chat?  Reach out now.

We are represent you in every facet of the process of transacting a business, from deciding to do it, or not, all the way to close.


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Confidentiality Guaranteed

        The importance of confidentiality, at all times during the sales process, is the most important ingredient in the successful sale of an existing business.  This in not a real estate transaction where a detailed deal is publicly posted for all to find.  

        Businesses are active going-concerns sold in complicated PRIVATE transactions where considerations include employees, customers, competition, landlords and possibly creditors.  The detailed public sale of a business creates a “cause and effect“ loop of poor disclosure and consequence that causes permanent harm to the entity being sold.

The rest of the TEAM:

Industry Qualified

     Character counts.  We are business intermediaries ethically representing you in every facet of the process of transacting a business.  For every business, we have a buyer in our network.

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